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About online casinos
The term online casino covers the games bingo, roulette, black jack punto banco, poker and gambling on gaming machines as well as all other games which have an element of both skill and chance. These games are called combination games. Backgammon, whist and guessing competitions are examples of combination games.

The Gambling Act only covers online casino games if

  • participants pay a stake (money or equivalent),
  • the game is bingo, roulette, black jack, baccarat, punto banco, poker and gambling on gaming machines or a combination game, and
  • participants through the payment have a chance of winning a prize (all kinds of prizes).

Online casino games (including combination games) may only be provided with a licence to provide online casino issued by the Danish Gambling Authority.

How do I get a licence?
You can apply for a licence from the Danish Gambling Authority. A licence to provide online casino is valid for up to 5 years. You must use application form No. 2-01, Annex A (No. 2-02), Annex B (No. 2-03) and, if necessary, Annex C (No. 2-04). The forms are only available in Danish and you may find the forms under Forms. There is, however, a translation of the guidelines to the forms available under Guidelines.

As a supplement to the Danish application form the International Association of Gaming Regulators (IAGR) has created a form called Multi-Jurisdictional Business Form (MJBF). The form can be used to fill out parts of the Danish application. The MJBF application form cannot stand alone. As an application for betting and online casino in Denmark it can only be used as a supplement where explicitly stated in the “Guidelines to form 2-02”. The Danish Gambling Authority has created an overview of the items where the MJFB can be used instead called “Summery of MJBF in the Danish application”. The MJBF can also be found under Guidelines.

The application fee is DKK 250,000 (273,500 in 2018) and must be paid upon submission of your application. If you are applying for a combined licence to provide both betting and online casino you must pay a total application fee of DKK 350,000 (DKK 382,900 in 2018).

The fee for submitting an application for a restricted revenue licence, with a fixed term of 1 year and a gross gaming revenue (the amount wagered minus the winnings returned to players) of DKK 1 million, is DKK 50,000 (DKK 54,700 in 2018).

For more information see the guidelines which you find under Guidelines or additional information under Links or contact the Danish Gambling Authority. 

The Danish Gambling Authority sends Digital Post 

The Danish Gambling Authority sends licences etc. to companies that have a CVR-number through Digital Post. This means that companies with a CVR-number will receive mail in their digital mailbox on 

We encourage companies with a CVR-number to send sensitive personal or confidential information to us through Digital Post. 

See “Contact" if you want to read more about the Danish Gambling Authority’s use of Digital Post and its advantages.  

When I have obtained a licence
If you have a licence to provide online casino you must pay a fee depending on the gross gaming revenue for the calendar year. You find a list of fees under Links. The fee must be paid to the Danish Gambling Authority. 

If there are changes to the licence, e.g. new members of the management or board, a new representative or one of the responsible professionals, the Danish Gambling Authority must be notified. You must use form No. 2-07 (only available in Danish). You may find the form under Forms.

The Danish Gambling Authority publishes a list of licence holders to provide betting and online casino. You may find the list under Overviews.

Registration and payment of gambling duty
Gambling providers must register with the Danish Business Authority by using the registration form No. 29.063 (only available in Danish). You must pay a duty according to the gross gaming revenue to the Danish Tax Agency. If you have any questions to the registration or payment of gambling duty please contact the Danish Tax Agency (Skattestyrelsen) at telephone No. +45 72 22 18 18.

Information about digital signature
Gambling providers who want to obtain an online casino or betting licence from January 1 2012 or later must integrate a digital signature according to OCES or higher standard in order to prepare their gaming system.

Today there is only one supplier of digital signature in Denmark who complies with the requirements in OCES. That is NemID which is provided by Nets Danid.

Information about the company can be found here.

Information about NemID can be found here.

Support here.

The Danish Gambling Authority refers to:
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