Land based casinos

About casinos (land-based)
A land-based casino is a physical gaming location with a licence to organise the games roulette, poker, baccarat, punto banco, black jack and gaming machines (AWP).

In Denmark, there are currently seven land-based casinos with a licence. You can find a list of casinos with a licence and where they are situated under Links.

How do you get a licence?
Currently you cannot apply for a licence to establish and operate a land-based casino in Denmark.

When one of the existing licences becomes vacant, it will be put to tender public. Furthermore, the government can decide whether more licences to establish and operate land-based casinos should be issued.

The tender of a vacant licence and new licences will be announced in the daily press after which it is possible to apply for a licence with the Danish Gambling Authority.

The manager and staff of a casino must be authorised by the Danish Gambling Authority. You must use application form No. 8-01 (only available in Danish). You can find the form under Downloads.

When you have obtained a licence
In general, a licence is valid for ten years.

Gaming machines (AWP) in a casino must be approved by an accredited company and must be connected to the control system at the Danish Gambling Authority. You can find a list of accredited companies under Links. In general, the approval is valid for five years.

The Danish Gambling Authority supervises the casinos to ensure that they are managed in a professional manner.

The supervision is for one thing carried out by a supervisor assigned by the Danish Gambling Authority who can be present at the casino during opening hours.