Marketing of gambling
Gambling providers, who hold a licence to provide gambling in Denmark, can market themselves in accordance with the Act of Gambling. Furthermore, the marketing must be in accordance with the Danish Marketing Practices Act.

According to the Danish Gambling Act the marketing:

  • shall present the chance of winning in a correct and balanced manner that does not create an impression that the chance of winning is greater than it actually is;
  • shall focus on gambling as a form of entertainment;
  • shall neither in form of communication or choice of media, target children and young people under the age of 18;
  • shall not by using well-known personalities, contrary to the truth, imply that participation in gambling has contributed to the their success; and
  • shall not have a content that conveys the impression that participation in gambling activities promote a solution to financial problems or the player’s social acceptance.

When marketing bonus offers the gambling provider shall ensure that all conditions are disclosed in a clear and lucid manner within the immediate context of the offer. The Danish Gambling Authority has published a guideline which can be  found here.

The Danish Consumer Ombudsman
The Danish Consumer Ombudsman supervises whether operators is in compliance comply with the Danish Marketing Practices Act and other consumer protection legislation.

According to the Danish Marketing Practices Act, among others gambling providers may not use insufficient or misleading information in their marketing.

If you wish to complain about a gambling provider’s marketing or other violations of consumer protection legislation which is not in breach of the gambling regulation, you can file a complaint to the Danish Consumer Ombudsman.

You can read more on the Danish Consumer Ombudsman's webpage.

If you wish to file a complaint about a gambling provider’s marketing
The Danish Gambling Authority does not handle specific disputes. The Danish Gambling Authority’s role is to supervise that the gambling legislation is complied with and that gambling is provided in a fair, responsible and transparent way. You are welcome to contact the Danish Gambling Authority if a gambling provider does not comply with the Act on Gambling or regulations pursuant to the act.

The Danish Gambling Authority cannot settle disputes between you and a gambling provider, but enquiries can be used in our supervision.

Enquiries may lead the Danish Gambling Authority to ask that the gambling provider change their practice, if we find it necessary.

If the Danish Gambling Authority proceeds with your enquiry, we are not able to inform you on further developments of the case, since the Danish Gambling Authority cannot comment on specific cases.

If you wish to complain about a gambling provider’s marketing, we kindly refer you to the Danish Consumer Ombudsman.