The Danish Gambling Authority's certification programme

Spillemyndigheden’s certification programme is set out to ensure that the gambling system and gambling equipment executes games in a correct way and that the security surrounding the gambling system is maintained. Spillemyndigheden’s certification programme supplements the gambling regulation, individual licence terms and the administrative practice set out by Spillemyndigheden.

The licence holder must be certified at all times in accordance with those parts of the certification programme which apply to their specific offer of gambling products. 

The structure in the certification programme
 01 Online betting
(download package)
02 Land-based betting
(download package)
03 Online casino
(download package)
05 Land-based casinos
(download package)
06 Lotteries
(download package)
General requirements
Testing standards for online betting
Testing standards for land-based betting
Testing standards for online casino
Testing standards for land based casinos

Testing standards for lotteries

Inspection standards for online betting
Inspection standards for land-based betting
Inspection standards for online casino
Inspection standards for land based casinos

Inspection standards for lotteris

Information Security Management System
Guidelines for Penetration Testing
Guidelines for vulnerability scanning
Change management programme

The requirements in the certification programme is adapted to the different types of games based on an evaluation of the type of game´s significance and risk in relation to extent, prevalence, nature, size of the prize and the risk of the customers being deceived etc.

For each type of game there is a set of testing standards and a set of inspection standards, which applies for the game type in question. Furthermore, five documents apply across all types, except for land-based casino where it is only the general requirements and test- and inspection standards which applies. Each document sets out minimum requirements for the arrangement of the gambling system, business processes and business systems of the licence holder.

For each game type there is a package (zip file) containing the documents, which are relevant for the game type in question. Download the package by using the link below the name of the game type.

Spillemyndigheden’s certification programme consists of a number of documents, which are continuously adapted to the development in technology.

All documents in Spillemyndigheden’s Certification Programme has a unique identifier consisting of:

  • ”SCP”     – Which indicates Spillemyndigheden’s Certification Programme (SCP).

    • Two digits – Which indicates the type of document. The identifiers are:
      "00"    General requirements
      "01"    Testing standards
      "02"    Inspection standards
      "03"    Information Security Management System
      "04"    Penetration Testing
      "05"    Vulnerability Scanning
      "06"    Change Management Programme

    • Two digits – Which indicates the type of game covered. The identifiers are:
      "00"    All types of games
      "01"    Online betting
      "02"    Land-based betting
      "03"    Online casino
      "04"    Charitable lotteries (Certification programme to be announced later)
      "05"    Land-based casino (Certification programme to be announced later)
      "06"    Lotteries
      "07"    Class lottery (Certification programme to be announced later)
      "08"    Gaming machines with cash prizes (Certification programme to be announced later)

    • ”DK” or ”EN”     – Which indicates the language version. ”DK” for Danish and ”EN” for English.

    • Version number

The document identifier SCP.02.02.DK.1.0 would thus be version 1.0 of the inspection standards for land-based betting in Danish.

Land-based casino
For land-based casino it is only the general requirements and the requirements in the test- and inspection standards that are applicable. The Danish Gambling Authority suggest that renewed certification could be based on document “06 Change Management Programme”, but it is not mandatory.

Standard reports
A standard report with the identifier SCP.XX.XX.EN is associated with each document and must be used when submitting certifications to Spillemyndigheden. The document identifiers for the standard reports follow the methodology above.
Standard reports are not used for land based casino.

Additional information
It is only the Danish version of the certification programme which is legally binding. The English version is meant as guidance only. It should be emphasized that this also applies to the accreditation, which the testing organizations has to attain. The accreditation must refer to the Danish version of the certification programme.