Problem gambling

Problem gambling
Problem gambling or compulsive gambling is the unpleasant part of gambling for money. The National Board of Health has characterised problem gambling as follows: frequently repeated episodes of gambling that dominates the individual's life at the expense of social, vocational and family values and commitments.

However, to most people gambling is associated with entertainment and having a good time. The latest study of pfoblem gambling in Denmark has shown that gambling has developed into problem gambling for about 5,000 individuals.

Treatment centres 
In 2012 about DKK 20 million from the proceeds of the duty on gaming machines (AWP) was distributed to research and treatment of problem gambling, of which 2/3 was given to treatment. In 2013 the funds for this is allocated directly in the Finance Act.

If you gamble too much - or know somebody who does - you can get help at the following Danish treatment centres:

  • Center for Ludomani 
  • Dansk Ludomani Behandling
  • Dansk Misbrugsbehandling 
  • Forskningsklinikken for Ludomani 
  • Frederiksberg Centeret 
  • Majorgården 

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