International cooperation

The Danish Gambling Authority is keeping abreast of international developments in the gambling market. We are visible and active on a wide range of issues on the international arena. We are committed to the Nordic, European and global cooperation that takes place between different gambling authorities, but are also engaged in cooperation with the gambling industry in general. 

The EU-Commission’s statement “Towards a comprehensive framework for online gambling” is a follow-up on the Commission’s “Green paper on online gambling in the internal market”. These initiatives aim at creating a basis of experience for online gambling services in the EU and at expanding the cooperation between the relevant authorities and gambling authorities of the member states. 
The Danish Gambling Authority is a member of the EU-Commission's "Expert Group on Gambling Services".

The European Council – Enlarged Partial Agreement on Sport (EPAS)
In EPAS we are working on a convention on the fight against manipulation of sport events. The purpuse of the convention is to prevent manipulation of sport events and secure the integity of sport. The Danish Gambling Authority participates in the negotiations with the Ministry of Culture who is responsible for the area, the department of the Ministry of Taxation and the Ministry of Justice.

International Association of Gaming Regulators (IAGR)
IAGR is a global organisation for gambling authorities whose aim is to promote gambling regulation through cooperation and exchange of experiences. The organisation counts more than 50 jurisdictions from around the world. The Danish Gambling Authority is a member of IAGR.

Gaming Regulators European Forum (GREF)
GREF is a forum for European gambling authorities that gives gambling authorities the possibility to meet and exchange knowledge and experiences with each other. The Danish Gambling Authority is a member of GREF.

Bilateral cooperation agreements
The Danish Gambling Authority has entered into agreements with a number of bilateral partners. The agreements aim to promote the legal conduct of gambling providers in the Danish market, and thereby securing the protection of players. At the moment the Danish Gambling Authority has entered into agreement with Alderney, France, Gibraltar, Isle of Man, Jersey, Malta and United Kingdom.

You can find notice of the bilateral cooperation agreements under Downloads.