Gaming machines (AWP)

About gaming machines (AWP)
You can get a licence to the setting up and operating of gaming machines (AWP) in:

  • restaurants with a licence to serve alcoholic beverages (maximum three gaming machines)
  • gaming machine arcades (premises without a licence to serve alcoholic beverages, but where the place is staffed during business hours).

How do you get a licence
You can apply for a licence with the Danish Gambling Authority by using application form No. 6-01 (only available in Danish). You can find the form under Forms.

Among other things it is a requirement that you are minimum 21 years old and are not indebted to the public sector.

When you apply for a licence to a gaming machine arcade we consult the police. You may also be contacted by the Danish Gambling Authority if we want to approve the premises. It will take about five weeks to process your application.

It is a requirement that the Danish Gambling Authority has approved the manager of a gaming machine arcade. You must use application form No. 8-01 (only available in Danish). You can find the form under Forms.

When you have obtained a licence
The gaming machines must be approved by an accredited company and must be connected to the control system at the Danish Gambling Authority. You can find a list of accredited companies under Overviews. In general, the approval is valid for five years.

On the gaming premises a set of rules for using the gaming machines must be displayed.

You must pay a fee of DKK 614 per gaming machine per year (Level 2017). Further more you must pay a duty to the Danish tax administration (SKAT) which depends e.g. on the gross gaming revenue (GGR). You can read more about the fee under Downloads and Links.

Individuals under the age of 18 years are not allowed in gaming machine arcades and may not play on gaming machines in restaurants.

If you have changes to hour licence
You must submit an application to the Danish Gambling Authority if you want to make changes e.g.:

  • the number of gaming machines (form No. 6-01)
  • the arrangement of the gaming machine arcade (form No. 6-01)
  • the manager of the gaming machine arcade (form No. 8-01).

If you want to deregister one of your premises or as a licence holder you must use form No. 6-02.

You can find the forms under Forms.

You may also find a list of licence holders under Overviews.

Registration and payment of gaming duty
Gaming machine operators must register with the Danish Business Authority by using the registration form No. 29.037 (only available in Danish) - under Forms. You must pay a duty that depends e.g. on the gaming revenue to the Danish Tax Agency.

If you have any questions to the registration or payment of gambling duty please contact the Danish Tax Agency (Skattestyrelsen) at telephone No. +45 72 22 18 18.