Gambling licensing and technical requirements

This guidance page focuses on the technical requirements which operators must comply with when applying for gambling licences in Denmark.

Technical requirements
To be eligible for a gambling licence, The Danish Gambling Authority must be granted full data acces to a file server system (SAFE) implemented by the operator where live game play data is stored and readily accessible using the security system Tamper Token.

In addition, the operator is required to check that a player isn't registered in ROFUS (the Register of Self excluded Players).

The following documents offer more details about obtaining a gambling license in Denmark: "Obtaining a licence", "Technical requirements" and "Guidance on reporting of games". All documents are available in the Downloads section.

Files required for the technical configuration
All files required for the technical configuration have been compressed to make downloading the entire set possible.

The following table lists the contents of the different ZIP files:

ZIP file Contents
Files required for the connection procedure
  • Skema til ansøgers oplysninger vedr SAFE ver 1.03 - engelsk.doc
  • Test af standard records ver 1.0 - english.doc
  • Testcases til ansøger - english.xls
General technical configuration
  • Directions for service usage v1.05.pdf
  • GamblerServiceExampleClient.cs
  • ROFUS services - english - 01jul2015.pdf
  • ROFUS services - xml -
Tamper Token_en
  • Tamper Token service - xml -
  • TamperToken service - 03mar2011.pdf
Reporting of games
  • StandardRecordValidatorTool-2.4
  • Standard record examples
  • XSD